Monday, 20 December 2010

I swayed away from the task in hand today!

It's one of those days today.........the hands just wont do as they are told! OK the Moccacins are fiddly but that is no excuse for the "shakes", the more I try to concentrate the more the hands shake.  I have tried talking to them (yes I am sure I am a little mad) but they just wont OK hands you have won this time around. Perhaps I will have  better luck tomorrow!

I have to do something, I just cant give in all together........ so I  have started a pretty and cosy snow outfit.  The pattern is done and the pieces cut out.  I will sew it together tonite and attempt some embroidery around the hemline, I might even manage to sew some beading as well.  I will post again later tonite and show you the progress so far!


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