Friday, 19 November 2010

A new Pattern in the making

With only the final finishing touches to do on the Magazine I thought I would do a little pattern drafting and sewing over the last couple of days.  The weather here in the UK is getting colder and damper! Therefore my thoughts moved in the direction of cozy layers to keep our Sasha's and Gregor's warm.  Firstly a warm ribbed roll neck jumper, high enough to snuggle a neck into with comfort but this on its own just would not be warm enough. about a fleece long line Gillet (Body Warmer)with pockets I thought to myself - I asked Sasha and she agreed but wanted trousers as well that were a little different! 

Somehow the 1970's came into my mind and have definitely influenced the flared Faux Moleskin pants for this set.  The drawing is looking good so far..................but what will finish it all off.....................I've got it!  A Beret style hat and some Mittens.
I think I am quite happy with that and Sasha is giving it the thumbs up as well :o).

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