Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Whats happened so far

For all of you who will be subscribing to the Sasha Secrets Online Magazine, I thought I would keep you posted on the progress.

The background research has been completed and the template created,  here is a taster for the front page
The articles and wonderful photos are arriving but I still NEED your contributions.

The knitting pattern has been drafted and I am testing it out at the moment, just a few more minor alterations and it will be ready for photographing and uploading.

The sewing pattern has also been drafted and I will be testing this out next week and taking photos for the necessary tutorials that go with it.

Its all go here at the moment, and it is so exciting :o)

Signing off for now..............................I will post again tomorrow.
Hugs Gloria 


  1. You go girl...looks fab so far! It's exciting to be in on the birth of something great for Sasha.

  2. Google sign in is's me Winnie from Calif.