Friday, 15 October 2010

What a muddly day and I have not achieved a lot really

My hospital appointment this morning prompted a "what a waste of time - waiting around" thought so I took along my sketch book and made the use of the time in the waiting area, making notes and drawing some outfits that I had floating around in my head!!  The lady sitting next to me said "interesting, some little girls are going to be happy.  Are you a designer of childrens wear".  "Yes" I replied "but my models are only 16inches tall." should have seen the look on her face.  Just another person that thinks I am a little mad.

With the pain meds adjusted and the addition of "nasty" steroids I made my way back home.

The sketches have made their way to the large pin board that I have in my workroom and I have added swatches of fabric from my just to look at them now and again to see if I can find more inspiration for additional fabric choices.     So, at least I have some ideas of sewing patterns for future magazines.

The knitting pattern has been tested and fits well, now to type it up and take some pictures........hhhhmmm there we have a slight problem - I need to make some trousers to go underneath.  Its getting cooler over here in the UK and Sasha's little legs will get cold!

Its nearly 11.30 pm and time for bed so I wish you all goodnight and sweet Sasha dreams xx

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  1. I enjoy hearing about all the procsess....would loved to have seen that ladies face at the hospital LOL
    You say just enough each time to peak my interest even more....can't wait for the magazine !!!