Friday, 22 October 2010

Testing, testing, testing

Thank you to all those people who replied, via comments and emails regarding the sewing lessons, both beginners and Heirloom.  They will definitely be included in the magazine as there seems to be so much interest and the whole idea is to cover things that YOU want to see.

From the feedback that people could  not easily leave a comment - I checked my settings and silly me..............I had not checked the right boxes.  

Today I have made a Sasha/Gregor Mannequin to make it easier when drafting and testing the patterns.  I have made and used them before for my BJD collection and find them so helpful.  I will make up a few and put them on Ebay for anyone who is interested.

Have a good weekend everyone and try and enjoy some Sasha time :o)

Hugs Gloria


  1. Gloria--your enthusiasm is infectious. How I wish I had a Sasha friend like you living up the street. Hopefully, I will be able to contribute in the spring. This time of year I'm stuck making human costumes and Christmas gifts :)